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Menstrual Agony!
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Breakthrough Being a Victim of Your Cycle

If you’re struggling with debilitating period cramps, wild mood swings, unpredictable cycles, and low sex drive, then Estrogen is a B*tch is for you.

It’s time to learn why your symptoms are occurring so you can take control of your health & feel energized, sexy, and confident again!

You are not alone!
This book will give you hope and answers as to why they are having irregular and painful periods, extreme fatigue, low sex drive, and even acne.
With this book, you'll transform your life.

This BOok will help you to:

  • Have regular, pain-free, and predictable periods (aka happy periods).
  • ​More energy than you could have ever imagined.
  • ​Improved clarity and more focus.
  • ​Enhanced libido and sexy confidence.
  • ​Better digestion and clear, glowing skin.
Kate Vazquez
I am a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant, founder of Radiant Health, and a leading expert in estrogen dominance, helping women take back their health by getting to the root cause of symptoms and reversing them naturally, without medication.

I have helped thousands of women naturally rebalance their hormones, allowing them to take back their life & health. Now I want YOU to have full access to the information, tools, and action steps of my breakthrough approach that will successfully transform your health.

Are you ready to change your life?

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